Major Disasters of the Bush Administration

This page is adapted from The Daily Show of September 6, 2005. Long live Jon Stewart and all his cohorts!

[x] Abu Ghraib [] North Korean war
[x] bin Laden [] Osama & Jenna
[x] Chalabi [] Pregnancy: Osama & Jenna
[x] Deficit [] Queer revolt
[x] Enron,, etc. [] Rodents of Unusual Size
[x] Failure to find WMDs [] Syrian war
[x] Greedy special interests [] Tigers
[x] Halliburton [] Unicyclists, nuclear
[x] Iraq [] Voldemort
[x] John Bolton [] World War III
[x] Katrina [] X-rated tape: Osama & Jenna
[x] Locusts [] Yam shortage
[x] Mars attacks [] Zero people left on Earth