The Difference Between
Male and Female Orgasms

So, okay. You're mature, you're responsible. But you've always wondered what it's like for the other gender. If you're a guy, you've wondered whether all the talk about women's orgasms is hot air. If you're a woman who has had an orgasm, you've wondered why they seem comparatively less important to men. If you're a woman who has never had a lover skilled enough for her, you've wondered what all the fuss is about.

Well, here's your chance to find out! Youe browser will (or ought to) deliver a pretty decent simulation of an orgasm of each different type.

NOTE: For some reason I haven't been able to figure out, this page works just fine in I.E., but in Firefox the page resizes itself to half the width it started out being. To enjoy it most, view this page in I.E. until I take this warning away.