Kurt's Better Lottery Numbers

Don't waste time and money by sticking with dud lottery numbers! Find out the winning potential of your numbers now. This game can simulate years of play by checking your numbers against an infinite number of computer-generated lottery draws.

Let the program run until you have “spent” about $10,000. If your winnings are roughly half of what you have spent, your numbers are not too bad.

Kurt's Better Lottery Numbers
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To play, enter your six numbers into the “Your Numbers” box and click “Play.”

Your Numbers

Won times. Match 6 wins $5,000,000+
Won times. Match 5 + bonus wins $250,000+
Won times. Match 5 wins $3,500+
Won times. Match 4 wins $75+
Won times. Match 3 wins $15

You matched numbers for current draw.

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The Lottery Numbers

Bonus Ball

$s spent

$s won

Warning to superstitious types: The odds of winning the jackpot are more than 14,000,000 to 1. If you win it here for nothing, you've probably blown any chance of doing it again for real!