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This fully automated quatrain generator will let you into an automated recreation of the mind of Nostradamus, translated into English.

Michel de Nostradame was born in Provençe (France) in 1503, the son of a tax collector and the grandson of a grain dealer. Some time before Michel’s ninth birthday, his family converted from Judaism to Roman Catholicism. Many of Nostradamus’s prophecies reflect not only a devotion to Roman Catholicism but also an acquaintance with the form of Jewish mysticism called Qabbalah. His lifelong interest in astrology began when he was a teenager, and he is reported to have been expert at casting horoscopes.

Considering the era in which he lived, Nostradamus was well educated, and he became an itinerant physician upon receiving his baccalaureate at 22. In the 1540s, he began evidencing the clairvoyance that was later to make him famous, but he did not begin setting his prophecies into writing until the 1550s. By 1560, the 942 quatrains of his ten “Centuries” (sets of 100 quatrains; Century VII is mysteriously incomplete) were wowing Europe. Nostradamus died in 1566, while allegedly contemplating setting into writing his eleventh and twelfth sets of “centuries.”