Alberto Gonzales is Watching YOU!

The FBI has a new way of tracking terrorists. It's not just the Patriot Act any more — where you're supposed to voluntarily give up your privacy so that the FBI can know what books you're reading and buying, and the libraries and bookstores are forbidden to tell you the government is snooping on you. (How many terrorists have been caught with this new erosion of your liberty, the one Bush is so hot to keep enacted forever? Zero. That's not the point. The point is the erosion of your liberty.)

FBI agents are now able to see every click that terrorists make on the Internet — even every move of every mouse. Privacy advocates say this is bad, but the FBI says you will never even notice, and it won't affect "little people" at all. You probably won't even notice that under the definitions contained in Patriot Act II, YOU are a terrorist. . . .

Happy Surfing!

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